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For a Healthy Planet
EM for Househould Uses
For Household Uses
EM for Animal Health
For Animal Health
Activating Effective Microorganisms
Activating the Microbes
EM for Kitchen Composting
Kitchen Composting
How to Make Bokashi
How to Make Bokashi
EM at Earth University
At Earth University
Emerald Earth Effective Microorganisms EM and Hexagonal Water

Introducing Effective Microorganisms®

EM® is a collection of microorganisms that do the work of revival....
It has been shown to be perfectly safe for people and the environment.
We can say that EM® is another indication of hado technology."
—Dr. Masaru Emoto

EM Effective Microorganisms
EM toothpaste
EM® Toothpaste
EM Moisturizer
EM® Moisturizer

ProEM-1 Probiotic Supplement
EM Cleaners
EM® Cleaners
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BioEMsan Rosemary Shampoo
Largest Selection at the Lowest Prices
Welcome to Emerald Earth, the "First EM® Retail Shop in America". We seek to provide the highest quality of microbial products from all corners of the world and we are proud to offer the largest selection of EM®-based natural health and environmental quality products at the lowest prices in the United States.
In our view, beneficial microbial alliances are instrumental to offering sensible solutions for creating a clean and healthy planet. We are fully commited to dis-covering solutions that work in parntership with the ecosystems and honor the premise that "Nature Does It Best!"

An Earth-Saving Revolution
EM® stands for Effective Microorganisms®, an all-natural blend of benefical micro- organisms that do the work of cleansing and
revitalization. This is a remarkable discovery, which allows nature's little recyclers to restore the health and balance of the ecosystems, without the negative side-effects so often found in synthetic chemicals and suppressive technologies.
EM® is safe and easy to use and is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). The secret to EM®'s widespread success is its capacity to remove harmful toxins and restore regenerative balance to its environment - whether it be on the soil, plant, animal, or human levels. Learn more... EM Technology in Hawaii View Video
The Phoenix Returns
What makes EM® unique from other microbial blends is an ancient phototropic microorganism, which is one of the oldest living organisms on the planet. This microbe actually lives and thrives in volcanic magma at extremely high temperatures. And its food is toxins! Many researchers believe that this organism was the catalyst that ignited the "circle of life" on the planet - turning a toxic wasteland into a verdant paradise. 
Dr. Higa
Thank You Dr. Higa
Dr. Higa is recognized around the world as the originator of the "earth-saving revolution", which stems from the introduction of Effective Microorganisms®. This important breakthrough in sustainable technologies is resolving a broad variety of environmental problems. EM·1® was recently used by all countries impacted by the Tsunami Wave Disaster in curbing the spread of pathogen diseases. The World Health Organization’s prediction that more deaths would occur from the spread of these diseases than from the disaster itself never materialized. EM·1® was also recently used in cleaning up the polluted inland seas of China and Japan, where marine life and vegetation have significantly returned. EM Technologies® are quietly making history around the world.  Learn more...
Zero Wastes Recycling
James McMath and Sabine Steinhardt
The co-founders of Emerald Earth, James McMath and Sabine Steinhardt, are very excited about the enormous recycling opportunities that this new EM® Technology™ offers. James writes, "More than ever, it's time for these microscopic beings to do their magic on the Earth again! This is an incredible new technology that naturally cleans the environment without any negative side-effects. That's because it's the same technology that nature has been using for billions of years. The breakthrough is that we've learned to partner closer with nature. With Effective Microorganisms®, wastes will become a thing of the past. Virtually anything and everything can now be recycled to produce biofuels, organic foods, recycled water, non-toxic fertilizers, natural building materials, and a host of other sustainable byproducts. When I first learned of EM® many years ago, I often commented that this was 'the most important scientific discovery ever.' Today, I believe this to be true - more than ever."
All Seasons Composter
Thanks to apartment-friendly composting bins (like the Happy Farmer Kitchen Composter Kit—now called ALL SEASONS INDOOR COMPOSTER™ kit) last night's dinner can easily be turned into something good for Mother Earth.” —Oprah Magazine’s 100 Things Getting Better
Composting Made Easy
The recent endorsement of the All Seasons Composter by the Oprah Magazine has expanded new awareness of how to produce superior grade topsoils through "fermentative composting". Using the beneficial microbes of EM®, there is a new alternative to conventional composting that is much faster, eliminates the foul odors and methane gases, and produces a higher quality compost that is teaming with beneficial microbes. Watch this video that demonstrates how to ferment your food wastes, rather than letting them decay and putrify.
EM Technology in Hawaii View Video
EM for Animal Health
EM® For Natural Health
Watch this informative video from Hawaii on the practical applications of EM® for environmental quality and natural health. EM® provides a broad variety of natural health benefits around the home, business, agriculture, or industries. EM® is nature's way of promoting a clean and healthy environment. Discover the EM® difference in your own home. EM Technology in Hawaii View Video
Activating Effective Microorganisms
Learn How to Make Activated EM®
You can take one liter of EM·1® and turn it into 5 gallons of Activated EM®! When you purchase a liter of EM·1®, this is a first generation of the Effective Microorganisms® culture. Because these are living organisms, they can reproduce into a second generation culture. This second generation is called "Activated EM®" or simply AEM. Learn more... EM Technology in Hawaii View Video
Three Secrets to Growing Incredible Tomatoes
If I had 30 seconds to tell you just one secret to growing amazing tomato plants (or any plants) it would be this. Get “EM®”, and use it in your soil.
Growing Incredible Tomatoes
—Kacper Postawski, Author of Organic Tomato Magic

Learn how to grow incredible organic tomatoes and double your harvest from Kacper Postawski, who learned extraordinary secrets from his grandfather on how to grow the very best organic tomatoes. The Number One secret is learning how to revitalize your soil with healthy applications of EM®. Link on to the informative website, and discover the amazing story of how Kacper learned how to grow the very finest organic tomatoes. It’s a book that you’ll treasure from start to finish! EM Technology in Hawaii View Website
How to Make Bokashi
Learn How to Make Bokashi
Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning "fermented organic matter". When fermented with EM®, this organic matter becomes a high-quality compost for the topsoils. In order to produce a premium starter for the All Seasons Composter, it is recommended to use rice or wheat bran as the primary ingredient for the EM® Bokashi. Wheat bran is preferred because it is more plentiful and less expensive. This bokashi starter will produce over 20 times its weight in fermented compost. For example, 10 lbs of the starter will ferment over 200 lbs of food wastes. EM Technology in Hawaii View Video
EM Effective Microorganisms and pet care
Some of our Pet Stories
EM·1® Microbial Inoculant helps to cleanse and strengthen the natural defense systems for the soil, plants, animals, and humans. Many of our customers have shared their personal stories of how EM·1®has improved their health and living environment. Some of these testimonials have been especially touching about the health and wellness of their family pets. Learn more...
In addition, EM·1® Microbial Inoculant has proven beneficial for the health and wellness of many exotic animals at the Honolulu Zoo. Learn more... 
Hexagonal Structured WaterHelping to Resolve the Dehydration Epidemic
Most of us are drinking more water, and yet are getting more dehydrated. Why is this? This is primarily because most of us are no longer drinking what is called “structured water".
For billions of years, water has been hexagonal - a six-sided matrix of small clustered water molecules, often referred to as "structured microwater". When water is exposed to pollution, however, the molecules hold onto this new traumatic memory and cluster into what is commonly described as "nonstructed macrowater". Even after water has been filtered and purified, it retains this memory imprint and continues to macrocluster.
In 1993, Dr. Higa discovered that the energetic information contained within the phototropic bacteria of EM·1® could be transferred to ceramics. This led to the idea that when mixed into the clay ingredients, then the ultrasonic benefits of the phototropic bacteria could indefinitely be incorporated into the ceramics. EM® Ceramics have the unique ability to remove this pollution imprint from the memory of the water molecules through what is referred to as "far-infared signals". By removing the pollution memory from the purified water, the molecules restructure back to the hexagonal microclusters. 
The regular consumption of the liquid crystals known as hexagonally-structured water has been recognized as one of the most important keys to improved health. It has been associated with rapid hydration, heightened immune function, the efficient removal of toxins, better nutrient absorption, longevity, weight loss, and overall greater health. Learn more...

EM health and wellness products
Sterility Versus Biodiversity
The widespread use of antiseptic cleaners and health products has come under closer scrutiny in recent years. These antibiotic products are designed to destroy all bacteria, whether they are beneficial or harmful. The healthy and beneficial microflora are what sustain biodiversity in our environments. This antiseptic approach of destroying all bacterial life often makes a bad situation worse by attempting to treat the symptoms rather than alleviating the cause.
Using all-natural probiotic (meaning "for life") health and cleaning products allow for the microbial diversity to form alliances, which restrict and suppress the growth of the "bad bugs". This allows for a healthy defense system of the "good bugs" to revitalize and refresh their environment. Effective Microorganisms® are designed to build strong probiotic alliances to form a healthy immune system for the soil, plants, animals, and humans. For creating a clean and healthy environment, we like to say that "Nature Does It Best!"  Learn more...

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